Seamless Gutters – How they benefit you

First off, take a walk and look at the guttering on the houses as you go past. This can help you make a decision about what sort of guttering you should have on your house.

Your choice is between seamed or seamless guttering. Seamed (or sectional) gutters join small sections together and they are fastened at the seams. A seamless gutter is constructed by a specialised machine, with the contractor forming the gutters on site. They are made to measure, and the only joints are at the corners, where the gutters meet.

The appeal of seamed gutters is that they are less expensive, easier for the DIY novice to install as a quick project. However they lose in the appearance category, and also in the longevity category. The seams are likely to take hold of debris that is washed off the roof in a rainstorm, causing problems with leaking and potentially rusting. They also need to be gutter cleaned out on a regular basis, and this is a messy job.

How seamless gutters benefit you

  • Because of the way seamless gutters are made, on site with a gutter-forming machine and a contractor, they do cost more, but the cost is far outweighed by their many benefits.
  • They fit, perfectly, every time. Guaranteed. Made especially for your property, and able to be installed immediately without any problems associated with transportation, they are in perfect condition when they are installed.
  • As mentioned, gutter joints can collect debris, so, conversely, the seamless gutters will not collect so much debris and will not need so much time spent cleaning them out. A build-up of debris, leaves, twigs etc causes blockages around the many joints of sectional (seamed) gutters and does not allow the movement of water through the system.
  • A seamless gutter is not so liable to leaking. Where a gutter joint is, leakage can occur. Joints could separate, holes could form, and rust will take a foothold. Seamless gutters, with a greatly reduced number of joints, will not have these problems. And without these problems, they will last longer and their quality is maintained for years to come.
  • They look good. They look beautiful, in fact. They are a perfect shape. The most popular building material is aluminium, but maybe you want copper or steel gutters. No problem. They can be painted if required, or coated with a baked-on enamel finish that never needs painting.

If you choose seamless guttering, you will be more satisfied with the result. Strangely, it seems we notice when something is not good, rather than something that is so good that it does what it was made to do, without being overly conspicuous.


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