Should We Do Power Washing If It’s Raining?

You’ve decided to hire all the necessary equipment to power wash the house next weekend. Come the weekend, it is raining. Is it a good idea to wash the house while it’s raining?

Yes and No. Let’s start with the No.

If there’s really heavy rain, it’s best to wait a bit until the rain eases off a bit. Using electrical equipment in storms is also not a good idea. It is difficult or impossible to work with lightning and high winds. Wet weather increases slipping hazards, making it difficult for those inexperienced with using the power wash equipment. Accidents are more likely. Go and sit on the verandah with a favourite beverage until the weather is agreeable.

Please Note: This is very important: Your equipment must be certified safe to use in wet conditions. Any unsafe equipment leads to risking electrical shock.

So what about the Yes story?

A light rain can be an advantage when power washing. Again, be sure your equipment is certified safe for wet weather. On days which are overcast or light rain, it really makes cleaning easier. The surfaces have been “soaked”, which helps dislodge the dirt. On hot sunny days when the surfaces are quite hot, things dry out more quickly. On rainy days, the cleaning agents have time to work and don’t dry out so quickly, and your efforts are rewarded without expending extra energy. Also working on an overcast day is easier on your eyes. Obviously a bright sunny day can be hard on your eyes, and this is a job where you have to be looking up most of the time. The glare from the sun on the water will make it difficult to see how you’re doing.

There’s an extra advantage on rainy days , in that the rain will help to rinse off any left-over detergents, and it also washes off detergent drips from any plants and grass under the work area.

So, basically, a light rain should not deter you from getting to work on power washing your house or pathways. But unless you are very experienced in using this equipment, it is not recommended that you do anything beyond your experience.

And again I will say, make sure your equipment is safe to use in wet conditions. And don’t leave it out in the rain unnecessarily.

If your job needs to be done at a particular time (for example if you want to put your house on the market) and the rainy weather just won’t stop, get in touch with a pressure washing company to get the job done by those who are familiar with this type of work.


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